[BCM112 Intensifies]

Welcome to the latest in what I am sure is going to be a long line of blogs created for University work. Some of you may notice that the #BCM112 hashtag has people not in the class commenting on it, which honestly, is probably due to aliens. One person I know involved in it is Emery.

Emery’s not attending the classes, but Emery is a smart kid. You’ll never know or explore an idea better than when you’re trying to explain it to someone else, and so I’m framing this blog as a conscious and conspicuous attempt to help Emery follow along with what I’m studying at Uni.

This class is going to focus on a singular piece of technology as a point of convergence, in multimedia empires. Me, what I’m planning on trying for – if the tutor will let me – is Twine. Twine is a fantastic little media device that allows any person with even rudimentary writing skills to construct and play games. I want to explore how lowering the barrier for entry to even the simplest type of videogame creates an environment where people can share and experience different ideas, from different perspectives. Along the way, I expect to wind up talking about amateur publishing, fanfiction, and the success of proactively feminist game-jams.

Also, citations. Which suck to do, but we’ll get ’em done.

So hi, Emery, and hi everyone else following along.

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