BCM210 Blogcast #4 – The Interview

For this interview task, I talked to Fox, a local web developer and student who came from a primarily secular background with some spiritualism involved, which I felt would serve as a good contrast for my anti-science upbringing. In order to keep as much of the information as possible clear and distinct, and to reasonably show my ability to manage and convey an interview, I kept almost all of the sound intact – except for the bit where Fox’s dog started to bark, which was trimmed out, as was the laughter that related to it.

The interview was reasonably swift – I deliberately glossed over explicilty replicating the questionnaire and tried to keep the interview reasonably directed. Another test interview with Fox – about her dog, in fact – showed that she was prone to tangents and was very glad when the interview kept her on task.

The focus on the interview was in winnowing out just how much of the conventional understanding of science she was aware of; Fox projects a person who disconnects from the mainstream, and has more scientific literacy and awareness than most – but with that, comes an awareness of how little she really knows. It’s a sort of Dunning-Kroeger effect tied together, whereh er level of awareness informs her of how little she’s properly aware of. She also didn’t speak of it with the sort of enthusiastic rhapsody that some such examples (like ‘I Fucking love Science’) convey themselves with deliberately.

I also noticed that I avoided swearing in this piece. I don’t know why.

It was E3 in Our Class this Week

I yelled about this!

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This week was the week to present our game ideas to the class in order to give an idea of what we have done, what we plan to do, how we’re going to achieve it, and what we’ll need help with.

For those of you who did not have the pleasure of watching me splutter my way through the presentations in the flesh, or if you would like to look back over the pitch in detail, here are the slides for both the games I was involved in presenting today.

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