The Consolidation Begins

Start of third year of Uni, and I’ve made the decision to reverse a policy I’ve stuck to for two years. Specifically, the policy of keeping every blog separate for each subject.

When I started that it was with a very deliberate intention – I felt that such blogging tasks would be isolated and that I would have no reason to reference back to them later. I have my own personal blog, a place I write quite extensively, and I don’t feel that I’d be pointing people to my uni homework later.

Times have changed, though. My uni work is going to be important to future employers, possibly to future uni assessment, and whether I like it or not, consolidating them in one space will create a more pleasantly whole corpus of work. Starting this semester, I’ll be bringing all eight of my other uni blogs together under this one blog, and reblogging things from the Re:Observed blog, as well. Then I’ll flesh things out in category pages and tags. It’ll also make it slightly easier to unify the aesthetics.

Fortunately, WordPress has an import/export function for this, and it’s making bulk tagging easier.