Dawn Of The Second Week

Well, that was week one past. Transport oddness usually kicks in right and early, but this week I had an extra dose of weirdness. On the way to my MEDA101 lecture, a kid on the bus started an argument with the driver, resulting in the bus pulling over twice to deal with it. Was a real pain in the bum, meaning I wound up there late.

This semester I’m doing BCM310, Meda101, and DIGC335. Meda101 has a very structured, very mandatory view of how the assignments are constructed, which is a real bummer, suggesting it’ll be hard, or impossible, to make a proper multi-subject project. On the other hand, DIGC335 is looking really interesting and I hope I’ll be able to make a card game for it. Then there’s the in-blog study for Kate Bowles. Nice big semester, really.

I do wonder if I go through cycles and autumn semesters are just harder for me because I feel more miserable. It’s hard to sleep in the heat, and as that hurts my mood, it becomes harder still to sleep. I hope this won’t impact my study much, but I already know twice I’ve had to remove myself from situations so I don’t yell at students.