2 thoughts on “#DIGC335 – Base Assumptions and Idea Spaces

  1. I liked when you mentioned how Lovecraft’s fears are shaped by the concept of meaninglessness. Applying this to an area of cyber culture, I feel like that is something people project onto their perception of robots. I just watched this mini documentary about a guy who stays in a Japanese hotel ran almost entirely by robots and in it he constantly expresses his concern that soon robots will do most jobs, essentially rendering humans useless.

    The singularity, as you mentioned, is almost like Cthulhu in that is the point where technology increases intelligence so much so that it goes beyond human comprehension. We can’t even imagine this so we instantly fear it because it would be so much greater than us, we would become useless.

    What was hope inspiring though was when the hotel owner said that although robots would likely replace most manual jobs, we as a species would have more time to build on the creative, creating new jobs we never thought before. He said as robots became more human, humans would also have to become more human, to prove their distinction.
    This was the documentary if you’re interested.

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