2 thoughts on “#DIGC335 – Strange Days Character Overview

  1. I really like the part where you said that if you play as a monster we try to attach a face to you so we can in some way punch it or deal with it. This is something that we as humanity do to things we don’t understand. Like Frankenstein’s Monster we instantly demonize something because we think it may be a threat.

    The same thing happens with new technologies, like the idea of a sentient robot. We instantly pose the question what if it is ‘bad’ or ‘evil’, which doesn’t make any sense because these are constructs of humanity itself not machines. We apply human characteristics to better understand what is beyond our comprehension.

    I also like how you make comment on the idea that cyberspace does not create new cultures, but rather turbo charges existing ones. This is something I believe to be true, where people once again apply the constructs of what they already know, in order to better understand something new. People have created cyber cultures that basically emulate existing cultures,j ust in an online setting and with the addition of anonymity.

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