#MEDA101 – Assignment 2, Feeling Small

Keenly through my childhood I never felt the right height

feeling small - 1

the fear was always that I was small, that I could be lost, that I could disappearfeeling small - 2that even spaces I knew I did not know, that I could not see what was wrong

feeling small - 3

what lurked around me was obvious but invisible feeling small - 4

and so the world felt so very big feeling small - 5

and I felt very small

feeling small - 6

unable to tell what I was even seeing feeling small - 7

or to recognise the familiar in front of me

Feeling Small is a repeated image piece that relies on environment homogeny to manipulate the viewer into a false feeling of transport. I used a manipulation of the perspective and physical angling of the camera, including digging out areas around me to make some shots possible, to give the impression of slowly shrinking and deflating in the woods. Some images are framed within themselves, to create a deliberate feeling of fundamental wrongness and to make the familiar seem odd and impossible.