Presentation Feedback 1

The first presentation was a discussion of the media outlet MamaMia.Com.Au. It looked at the outlet over time and considered it both in terms of changing perspectives from a personal blog to a business entity, and also in so doing, the shift in landscape about representation of and presentation as a feminist outlet.

The main thing that stood out to me about this talk was the way the presentation used feminism, the word. Specifically, the presentation simply used feminism as a binary state, as in the question is Mamamia A Feminist Media Source. This needed some definition: Feminism has a simple definition, but its execution is very broad and wide. Is Mamamia an outlet unwittingly part of “White Feminism?” Is it striving to be Intersectional? Is it historically feminist, and full of a userbase primarily oriented around the feminist struggles of their younger days?

This definition wasn’t supplied. I assume the Thesis does present a single, central vision on the definitions and boundaries of feminism it intends to use, with its focal values and how it seeks to engage them, but it was still confusing to me. The question of is this feminist or not becomes much harder to answer without a clear idea of what that is, or even how that means. Theory and praxis are very different things, and it’s also possible that the outlet comes from a place of feminist theory, but its practical expression is flawed or is rendered without an awareness of the many complex intersections of not just genders, but gender binaries and cissexist assumptions.

Games From The Outside

My notes are sadly a bit thin from this presentation. Thanks to a prolonged internet outage, I’ve been unable to recover much of what I had to say about it. I will note that the slides were very information dense. Much of what the talk covered projected to me the idea of a sort of Ethnography – of reaching into a community space not owned by the writer and creating a text to decode what was evident to the people within the setting.